[ BSG ] The universe is Laura's!

Modly things ;)

Hello nuggets!

I'm your new mod, aptly named madampresident -- I also respond to Coco! -- and hopefully we can get this place going again and have some fun and make some amazing icons!

Sign-ups Posted: 22nd of the month
Challenge Starts: 1st of the month
Challenge Ends: 20th of the month
Voting Starts: 21st of the month
Voting Ends: 28th of the month

[ BSG ] The Lion & The Lamb

Round 28: Sign Up

  • You must join the community to sign up

  • You can claim pretty much anything BSG related. Pick a character, a pairing, an episode, a season, really whatever inspires you! - You just can't have the same claim as another user in the same round, which is why you need a second choice, just in case

  • And you can't have the same claim two rounds in a row.

  • Please try to only sign up if you're sure you want to participate and are not likely to change your mind. However, we understand things do come up, please let us know if you are unable to finish the round.

  • Help spread the word! Find some promotional material at this link!

  • Sign ups remain open throughout the round right up until the icons are due!

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